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Pirates Treasure Hunt on the Water

Kids and younger families:

Pirates roamed around our local coastline, coming here to sell their treasure they stole from others at sea. They didn't manage to sell all of their treasure as we have information from a very good source that they have left some behind. After careful research, we think we are getting VERY close to finding it!! Join us for an ACTUAL MODERN-DAY TREASURE HUNT. Help us decipher the clues we have come across to lead us to the treasure. This is an interactive participation private experience for up to 6 people. Participants will learn Navigation, directional course navigation, chart plotting, pirate history, wildlife information and so much more. This is a fun and educational charter focused on ages 4 to 12. Each child will receive a compass to help us find the treasure. Once we reach the treasure, all children will receive a "Pirates share of the treasure". This is an experience you DON'T want to miss out on!!

Adults: (Don't feel left out)

Pirates left more than just treasure. Join us for a fun interactive much harder MODERN-DAY- RUM RUNNER PIRATES TREASURE HUNT and sunset cruise sure to be a great time out on the water with friends and family. Join us for an experience sure to please the "Older Kids in us ALL" as we search for the lost treasure full of adult surprises! This is the only experience of its kind on the Island!

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