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Sailing Tours in Tybee, GA

Sailing Tours, Tybee, GA Anchors Away Sailing Charters provides unmatched sailing adventures that showcase Tybee Island, GA's natural beauty and excitement. As the only company with private monohull sailboats on the island, we offer an exclusive outing on the open ocean.

Whether you're looking for a peaceful sunset cruise or an exhilarating dolphin-spotting excursion, our sailing tours allow you to explore the area's wonders from a unique vantage point.

Our Superb Sailing Tours

Our skilled captains will treat you to an engaging sailing experience as the boat heels over and pick up speed. We provide a range of tour options to suit different interests, from wildlife and sightseeing to purely relaxing on the water. You can also charter the full sailboat for a private cruise tailored to your group.

You'll enjoy the region’s natural splendor with us through an authentic, hands-on sailing adventure. The graceful motion and ocean breezes make our tours the perfect way to experience the island's scenic shoreline, lush marshes, and abundant marine life.

Exciting Wildlife Watching Tours

We offer an immersive wildlife adventure in the local waters and marshes. Join our experienced naturalist guides to observe incredible marine species up close in their natural coastal habitat. Cruise through lush salt marshes and tidal creeks as you spot the famous Atlantic bottlenose dolphins playing in the waves.

You may glimpse majestic bald eagles circling overhead or great blue herons stalking the shallows. On our tours, the pelicans, terns, oystercatchers, and countless other birds fill the skies and shores. With an intimate small-group experience, you will gain unique insights into these wild animals and the ecosystems they depend on.

Let us open your eyes to the fantastic biodiversity from the coastline. You'll leave with a deeper appreciation of these magnificent creatures and the efforts made to protect them for future generations.

Immersive Sailing Tours

You can experience the surroundings’ breathtaking natural splendor from the vantage point of an elegant sailboat. Anchors Away Sailing Charters offers eco-friendly sailing tours to explore the island's lush salt marshes and glimmering blue waters. Our captains have provided memorable excursions aboard our safe, spacious monohull sailboats for many years. Cruise along the calm Intracoastal Waterway, viewing vibrant coastal habitats. Venture into Port Royal Sound to feel the excitement of open-water sailing.

Our family-friendly tours include daytime dolphin watching, romantic sunset cruises, and evenings under the stars. With the wind in your hair and stunning seascapes, you'll gain a new appreciation for sailing's tranquility. We strive to make every tour a joyful, rejuvenating escape surrounded by the region's and show you this unique destination from an entirely new perspective on the open ocean.

Our Other Tours and Sailing Experiences

If you want more ways to experience the island's spectacular waterways, we offer even more boat tour options to suit any interest and adventure. In addition to our wildlife watching and sailing tours, we provide customized private charters where you steer the ship and create your itinerary.

Try a narrated nature cruise highlighting the area's ecology and history. For the ultimate flexible boating experience, take advantage of our bareboat rentals and independently explore the area's beauty at your own pace. We have the perfect boat tour or rental if you want to relax with friends and family, observe coastal wildlife up close, or bask in island vistas from the water.

With Anchors Away Sailing Charters, you'll discover everything this beautiful island offers from a unique maritime perspective. For more information about our sailing tours in Tybee, GA, please call Anchors Away Sailing Charters on 843-278-9553. You can also write to us through this Contact Us form, and we will respond soon.