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PRIVATE MONOHULL Sailboats on the Island!

Boat Sailing Tours Photos

Explore the beautiful waterways, landscapes, and mesmerizing ocean breezes through this photo gallery, or experience them in real life with our boat sailing tours of Hilton Head and the surrounding areas. These tours will also take you up close to the amazing wildlife of the region. Our boat sailing tours allow you to go on a relaxing cruise of the ocean or a wildlife and dolphin tour.

When you choose us, you will be cruising on the only private Monohull sailboats on the island. Check out the thrilling side of sailing, as the boat heels over to one side. If you seek a better way to experience sunset cruises, sightseeing, and nature, nothing beats our boat sailing tours. You have the option to select a charter or tour.

Our sailing tours include wildlife-watching tours, getting up close to nature, and more. Sail through the waters and marshes around the island, get up close with the famous Atlantic bottlenose dolphins and dozens of bird species, take a tour of Port Royal Sound, and create a more personalized tour.