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Sunset Boat Cruises Photos

There are very few things as lovely as coming up close to wild bottlenose dolphins and witnessing stunning sunsets on the salt marshes of Hilton Head Island. This gallery provides you with an insight into the experiences you can expect to come across on one of our sunset boat cruises. Bring your family or friends along to enjoy spending time on the calm waters while soaking in the glorious and colorful sunset. The stunning views of the skyline in all the hues of sunset are further accentuated by the wide range of wildlife that the area starts teeming with when the sun goes down. You can choose from our Morning Sail, Afternoon Sail, and Sunset Boat Tours and choose between our Chaparral Suncoast powerboat and Monohull sailboats for your cruises. All our boats come equipped with all the comfort and amenities. Besides the sunset, you can also witness the spectacular views of the barrier islands, lighthouses, forts, and other landmarks.